Rick Mobbs’ Image prompt…

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Prompted the following:

In reverence I am bowed before the day
my own wet heart I offer still beating
witnesses; shades from my past stand watch
As day pales to slate, moons climb an arc to the horizon
The world halts to surrender the night


4 Responses to “Rick Mobbs’ Image prompt…”

  1. nande said

    I don’t know how to fix this image – it has been squished and elongated… I uploaded the jpg off the site. Best to see the original.

  2. rick mobbs said

    nande, I just stumbled across this. I think maybe I like it even more than the final version. What do you think? Sometimes (often, actually) I overwork things… sometimes even to the point of ruining them. I believe in ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’, but still it is sad to lose what I liked. I’m rambling. Just wanted to say I like this. Do you still use this blog? I’ll visit the other later. Peace.

  3. nande said

    Wow, thank you Rick. The final version is indeed overworked. I had been trying out the haiku form -sometimes, instead of achieving simplicity, the words end up being too contrived…
    This blog was frustrating to use because I was not able to figure out how to download images, while the tumblr one was much easier.
    Your work is an inspiration. It has been hard to sit and write these days. I have some bits and pieces I will finish up when I can.



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